Thursday, July 13, 2006

In the past few weeks my most hated question has become, "Can I buy books here too or just music?"

I used to get that question once a day or so when I was in the old music room here at the bookshop, but I chalked it up to the fact that I was technically a different room.

I assumed that with the music section's recent move out into the bookstore proper, people would finally get the idea that I'm not a separate fucking music shop!! But no, I'm getting The Question about five times a day now. What the hell, people?!??

Why would we have a cash register that only checks out one type of product out of all the stuff we carry in our store??

That's just idiotic, think about it. PLEASE.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Ugh, Sarah the Regular just came in again. Definitely one of my least favorite regulars, she speaks in hushed tones and buys yoga books & music, but is at the same time very insistent and always wants us to look for extremely odd requests which require hours of extra time to track down online and order for her. Plus she has this long rat nose that creeps me out. I wish she'd take her curly grey wig somewhere and meditate instead of bugging me.

Then there was ol' Robert the Regular, who is extraordinarily friendly and always in a good mood but is annoying for precisely those reasons. He comes in EVERY DAY of the week without fail and walks around for six hours in our store, reading and chatting with anyone who will listen. Again, he's not a jerk, but I'd get pissed at Jesus himself if I had to see him every day and listen to him sermonize. Doesn't this guy have a job to go to? He dresses well, he's not homeless. So what gives? When particularly annoyed I have tried asking him about it: "Hey, day off yet again eh?" but his answers are suspiciously vague. Maybe he's a lonely millionaire who retired at age 40 on a mission to befriend everyone at our bookshop no matter how long it takes.


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