Freak Me: Tim’s 1990s R&B Booty-Rockin’ Sex Jams

Okay y’all, here’s a hot mix for those sweaty nights full of liquor cartier bracelets and lust. Slip off those Timberland boots cartier bracelets and Coogi sweaters and get back to the days cartier love bracelet when R&B stood for Rubdowns and Booty…

  1. Silk – Freak cartier nail fake cartier bracelets
    Me (1992)
  2. Mark Morrison – Moan and Groan (1996)
  3. Smooth – Strawberries (1998)
  4. Montell Jordan cartier bracelets
    – I Can Do That (1998)
  5. Tasha Holiday – Just The Way You Like It (feat. Ma$e) (1997)
  6. Adina Howard – Freak Like Me (1995)
  7. LL Cool cartier bracelet price discount cartier bracelet J – Doin’ It (feat. LeShaun) (1995)
  8. Link – I Really cartier love bracelet Wanna Sex Your Body (1998)
  9. Keith Sweat – Nobody (feat. Athena Cage) (1996)
  10. Jodeci – Freek’n You (1995)
  11. 112 – Anywhere (1998)
  12. Ginuwine – Pony (1996)
  13. D’Angelo – Brown Sugar (1995)
  14. Maxwell – …Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (1996)
  15. Aaliyah – Hot Like Fire (Timbaland’s Groove cartier love bracelet
    Mix) (1996)
  16. Prince – Shhh (1995)
  17. Sylk E Fyne replica cartier love bracelets – Romeo cartier jewelry prices
    and Juliet (feat. Chill) (1998)
  18. SWV – Downtown (1992)
  19. Monifah – Touch It (1998)
  20. Toni Braxton – You’re Makin Me High (1996)
  21. Men Of Vizion – Break Me Off (1999)
  22. Kreuz – Nice and Slow (1995)
  23. TLC – Red Light Special (1994)
  24. Janet Jackson – Any Time, Any Place (1993)
  25. Johnny Gill – It’s Your Body (feat. Roger men’s replica cartier bracelets
    Troutman) (1996)
  26. H-Town – Knockin’ Da Boots (1993).mp3
  27. Usher – Nice & Slow (1997)
  28. Next – Too Close (1997)
  29. Gina Thompson – Freak On (1996)
  30. Mary J. Blige – Sexy replica cartier love bracelets (feat. Jadakiss) (1999)
  31. Changing Faces – Stroke cartier bracelet fake
    You Up (1994)
  32. Xscape – Work Me Slow (1995)
  33. Kut Klose – I Like (1995)
  34. LSG – My Body (1997)
  35. Another Level – Freak Me (1998)


Santarchy 2016

It’s back! Time to say a not-so-fond farewell to 2016 with cartier bracelet fake
my annual cartier double bracelet
collection of holiday bracelet replica cartier oddities. Disco, retro, beatnik discount cartier bracelet power-pop for everyone.  Don you now your gay apparel and dig this track listing:

01 Seasons Greetings From men’s replica cartier bracelets
02 Mr. Little Jeans – Dear Santa (2014)
03 Anita Kerr Singers – Snowbound (1962)
04 Kylie & Danii Minogue – 100 Degrees (2015)
05 Raindolls – Disco Santa Claus cartier love necklace (1978)
06 Sheila E. – The Belle Of St. Mark (1984)
07 Ice Choir – It’s Different Now (2014)
08 Computer Music All-Stars – O Holy Night (2015)
09 ShiSho – Get Behind Me Santa (Original Version, 2005)
10 Seasons Greetings From Weird Al Yankovic
11 Rudy cartier nail bracelet
Ray Moore – Merry Christmas Baby (1986)
12 Dustin the Turkey – Christmas Tree (1996)
13 Conan O’Brien – Santa’s Secrets (2016)
14 Nuclears, The – Nuclear cartier bracelets
cartier love necklace Winter cartier nail bracelet
Wonderland (2011)
15 Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet – Faster Santa Claus, Ho Ho Ho (1988)
16 Shake Some Action! – Christmas In the Sun (2015)
17 Ryan Adams – Hey Parker It’s Christmas (2003)
18 Seasons Greetings From MC Hammer
19 Patsy Raye & the Beatniks bracelet replica cartier – Beatnik’s Wish (1958)
20 Judith Owen & Harry cartier bracelet
cartier nail bracelet
Shearer – Christmas With the Devil (2004)
21 Saturday’s Children – Christmas Sounds (1966)
22 The Stylers – Frosty cartier jewelry prices
the Snowman Medley (1960s, Singapore)
23 Seasons Greetings From Lloyd Cole
24 The Gasoline Brothers – Hungover Boxing Day (2013)


Omoo Omoo “Zagreb” album cover

I recently cartier bracelets
drew and colored fake cartier cartier jewelry cartier bracelet
replica bracelet the gatefold cover for the new album “Zagreb” by Omoo Omoo. I love replica cartier love bracelet the band replica cartier love bracelets so I was really cartier bracelet pleased to work fake cartier bracelet on this project.  If you’re a fan of instrumental cartier jewelry prices
cartier bracelets rock discount cartier bracelet / post-rock, please check them cartier bracelet cartier replica men’s replica cartier bracelets
fake cartier bracelets

Omoo Omoo - Zagreb cover

Bartkira comics page

I got to draw volume 5, page fake cartier bracelet cartier love bracelet
cartier bracelets 176 of the Bartkira comics project!

“Bartkira” takes men’s replica cartier bracelets
cartier jewelry replica cartier nail cartier jewelry replica bracelet
every cartier bracelet page of Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga cartier bracelet cartier jewelry prices
masterwork cartier bracelets
AKIRA cartier bracelet price cartier bracelet fake
and substitutes cartier nail bracelet
characters from cartier nail bracelet
The Simpsons.

Bartkira page

Time to reorder

Photo Apr 09, 12 55 02 PM Photo Apr 09, 12 55 33 PM Photo Apr 09, 12 55 38 PM

Dear Jamaica Inn’s English Pub,

Hello again!  We had such a wonderful time this cartier nail bracelet
past January when we visited.  Can’t thank cartier bracelet cartier bracelets fake
you enough for accomodating replica cartier replica cartier love bracelets my son Mike’s dietary restriction.  I know cartier bracelets it’s rare but he can truly only eat beef.  The doctors say he may have overlapping DNA with jaguars.  But I digress.

I’m writing cartier replica to ask if we can please reorder a print we purchased in your gift shop.  It’s the one with the dogs relieving themselves against a wall.  Not the one with the german shepherd taking cartier bracelets a dump men’s replica cartier bracelets
on the dandelion.  Ours is the one with the Scottish terrier taking a leak onto a drawing of two lovers’ hearts, and the boxer pissing so hard at the wall that his pee is splashing cartier jewelry cartier bracelets
cartier bracelet
off and a little bit is going cartier double bracelet
into the pekingese’s mouth.  So cute!

Please don’t ask what replica cartier ring happened to the first fake cartier bracelets
one we bought.  The less said, the better.

With Fond Regards,
The Ogilvies, Madison, WI

GOD IN THE MIRROR, VOL.1: 1982-1985

God In the Mirror vol.1

A DECADE IN THE MAKING!  30 PAGES OF LINER NOTES!  The finest rock songs cartier jewelry prices
from 1980s cinema, guaranteed to send you straight fake cartier bracelet to the gym and give you muscles of steel.

From the liner notes:

Welcome to “The God In the Mirror.”  Your first cartier bracelet
question is probably what the title refers to and that is you, my friend.  You are the god in the mirror.  Why?  Well, because cartier bracelet fake
the 1980s were a unique time for American cinema and this great cartier replica nation in general.  For most of the decade we could feel Communist USSR breathing down our necks (or so we thought).  It’s rather cartier bracelets quaint to recall it now, with the great Soviet bear just a memory, but there were times when nuclear annihilation seemed just around the corner.  If you go back cartier jewelry replica now and examine the films, television and books of the era you see it everywhere.  Paranoia and fear were the order of the day and the American Action Movie was born anew from the womb of President discount cartier bracelet Ronald Reagan.

None of the action films from the 1980s could have succeeded quite so well if it weren’t for the music.  Hard-rocking vocals near the upper limits of human hearing, squealing guitar solos, a pounding drum beat, and those lyrics…sweet Jesus, the lyrics!  The finest examples of the era (featured here) speak directly to the listener, goading him to start pummeling his problems into submission.  Eschewing proper grammar and logic in favor of testosterone, these songs have come to be known as “You Songs” by me and my friends.  They bracelet replica cartier address the listener directly like a badass sermon from the pulpit of pain.  Check out the lyrics and your questions will all be answered.

Assembled here in this collection are the best of the best, a batch of headbangers meant to move you to action.  They are songs to inspire you to shrug off defeat and fight for your country, your life, and the possibly fictional American dream of being “a winner.”  Whether these are legitimate aims is for you the listener to decide.  I warn you though:  when I first started this project I was a quiet, unassuming fake cartier bracelet guy with little drive and no prospects.  Now I’m an unstoppable force, crushing those who get in my way and bedding women by the score, all in the name of Me.  Hetero ladies and lesbians, gay men and my trans sistren and brethren, I encourage you to listen men’s replica cartier bracelets
too!  The power exists in every one of us.  It’s up to You to use it.


01 – Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (1982, Rocky cartier bracelets

02 – 707 –  Mega Force (1982, Megaforce)

03 – Paul Engemann – Scarface (Push It To the Limit) (1983, Scarface)

04 – Paul Engemann & Giorgio Moroder – Success (1983, Scarface)

05 – Frank Stallone – Far From Over (1983, Staying Alive)

06 – Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito – You’re the Best (Karate Kid 1984)

07 – Shooting Star – Get Ready Boy (1984, Up the Creek)

08 – Bobby Caldwell – Don’t Quit (1984, Body cartier bracelets By Jake)

09 – Chris cartier bracelet Thompson – The Runner (1984, The Philadelphia Experiment)

10 – Survivor – Moment of Truth (Karate Kid 1984)

11 – Joseph Williams – Firepower (1984, Body By Jake)

12 – John Cafferty – Heart’s On Fire (1985, Rocky IV)

13 – Dwight David – The Last Dragon (1985)

14 – The Power Station – Someday, Somehow, Someone’s Gotta Pay (Commando 1985)

15 – Chaz Jankel – Number One (Real Genius 1985)

16 – Derringer – Real American (1985 WWF album)

17 – Survivor – Burning Heart (Rocky IV 1985)


[As always, if you enjoy the music, don’t forget to support the artists.  And visit the great Hard Rock/AOR Heaven blog to learn more about cartier replica this kind of stuff!]


Photoshop Phun: Speed Racerhead

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-279 size-full" src="" alt="2016 – Speed Racerhead (Speed Racer cartier love bracelet bracelets + Eraserhead)” width=”600″ height=”803″ srcset=” 600w,×300.jpg 224w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” />

An idea replica cartier cartier bracelets ring cartier men’s replica cartier bracelets
fake cartier bracelet cartier bracelets
fake cartier bracelets
jewelry prices
replica cartier love bracelets cartier bracelet cartier double bracelets bracelet
replica cartier from my friend cartier love bracelet replica Stefan.  Speed Racer + Eraserhead.


Hold on to your candy canes, true believers…this is it! My all-new, all-festive, annual compilation of Yuletide cheer…

Santarchy 2015

Guaranteed to have at least three songs discount cartier bracelet you never heard in your life, or you get your download back!



01 Chris replica cartier love bracelet Lohr – Oh My God It’s Christmas (L4D2 Remix) (2009)

02 The Shades of Love – Sho Nuff Boogie Down Sock It To Me Sleigh Ride (1979)

03 Village People – Special Christmas Message (1979)

04 And What Will Be Left Of Them bracelet replica cartier – Have Yourself a Filthy Little Christmas (2005)

05 Kenn Rowell & the Baghdaddios – Christmas At C.B.G.B.s (2008)

06 Gary Owens – Christmas ad

07 Marty Marchant – E.T.’s Helping Santa (1982)

08 Nina & Frederik – Christmas Time In London Town (1966, Germany)

09 Europe – Season’s Greetings

10 Sammy cartier bracelet Davis Jr. – A Kiss for Christmas (1962 promo single)

11 Turk Murphy & His Jazz Band – Santa Claus Blues (1954)

12 Gaz Coombes discount cartier bracelet & Adam Buxton – I Believe cartier love bangle in Father Christmas (2014)

13 The Three Stooges – Wreck bracelets The Halls With Boughs Of Holly replica cartier ring (1959)

14 Sharon cartier bracelet fake
Jones cartier jewelry prices
& the Dap-Kings – Big Bulbs (2013 single version)

15 Three Day Threshold – Hot Chocolate Kisses (2008)

16 The Figgs – Christmas Sake (1995)

17 Crowded House – Season’s Greetings

18 Julian Cope – Christmas Mourning (1988)

19 Stephen Colbert & Henry Rollins – Carol Of the Bells (2015)

20 Kathy Garver – Lem, the Orphan cartier bracelets
Reindeer (1969)

21 Ray Coniff – A Special Holiday Message

22 Latch Key Kid – Christmas Everyday (2009)

23 Postcode – Black & White cartier jewelry replica cartier replica Xmas (2012)

24 The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing men’s replica cartier bracelets
– Ebenezer’s Carol (2010)

25 Julie Brown – Christmas Minute and a Half (1980s)

26 Decoration – See You In the New Year (2012)



“The world loves a lover, so the saying goes, but really it’s a lover cartier bracelet who loves the world. I felt guilty that not everyone cartier love bracelet replica could share my joy, because that’s what I wanted, I wanted the whole world to feel that tingling sensation, I wanted the whole world to blush slightly, I wanted the whole world to wake up a little late one morning and not care if it was late for work, I wanted the tides to ebb a little later, for the sun to sleep in, for the fields to lie patiently in wait, for the rivers to stretch out and dangle lazily like cartier jewelry prices
toes hanging over the edge cartier bracelet fake
of a bed.”

One of the prototypical draft-dodgers of the Vietnam War era, American student Terry Tarnoff left the States in the early 1970s and embarked on a worldwide journey of self-discovery. Lest you think this book is filled with platitudes cartier double bracelet
and Buddhas, however, allow me to set you straight: this is a fiery, drug-fueled voyage from The Netherlands to Scandinavia to Greece to Africa to India and beyond, with Tarnoff romancing women and blowing blues harmonica the whole way.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition, his very grounded addictions to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll contrasting with the inner peace he seeks cartier replica and the spiritual locales in which he finds himself. The book is filled with apocryphal encounters and conversations he couldn’t possibly remember decades later, so in one sense this is partially autobiographical and partially fictional. But one still gets the sense that Tarnoff has covered the essentials and really put himself out there, warts and all, for the reader to judge.

As for me, I was also once a young American who left the States and ended up lonely and confused in Asia, so I guess you could say I’m the ideal audience for the book. But it may have hit too close to home because I found cartier love bracelet myself frustrated by his initial carelessness with his lovers’ hearts, and his self-centered posturing. Was I rooting for him or for my younger self to find their way? That bracelets confusion added an emotional element and the book has stuck with me since I finished cartier bracelet
it two months cartier bracelets

This book isn’t necessarily for everyone. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a flawed main character and a boatload discount cartier bracelet of serious drug use, this tome will turn you off very quickly. But those readers with a modicum of wanderlust and a habit of introspection will surely find themselves in good men’s replica cartier bracelets
company. After reading the book I was glad to discover that Terry is still very much alive and well, has written more books and even shared some of his vintage music recordings cartier double bracelet
online. Now parked in California, he’s still expressing and discovering cartier nail bracelet
himself through art. For some, it seems the journey never ends.