The Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge was a competition between online comic artists to see who could maintain the longest Monday to Friday update schedule, following a strict set of rules.

Each artist laid $20 USD on the line. The last man left standing takes the entire pot. It started on February 28, 2005. For all I know it's still going on as you read this, but I threw in the towel in April 2009. It was fun but I wanted to explore other creative outlets.

Selected comics from my 4-year run (NOTE: SOME ADULT CONTENT):

Thurs. 12feb2009: Snack Opinions.
Tues. 25nov2008: The gnome arrives.
Mon. 10nov2008: Biography - Ben Franklin.
Fri. 10oct2008: Abe's wishes.
Thurs. 25sept2008: I'm sorry Mr. Henson (NSFW).
Thurs. 04sept2008: Daft Punk goes to the store.
Thurs. 28aug2008: Jungle Party.
Fri. 15aug2008: A colorful mess.
Thurs. 17july2008: Robot stuff.
Wed. 16july2008: Turtle & oven.
Tues. 15july2008: Panther and Son of Rambow.
Mon. 14july2008: Ostrich sketch & autobio.
Fri. 04july2008: Happy Fourth of July, Americans! What's Your Favorite War & Why? (Fun facts: This is my first comic with my new paint pens, and my last with this kind of paper.)
Tues. 24june2008: Roboface Monster.
Tues. 17june2008: Karen's 5th grade diaries, page seven.
Tues. 27may2008: Karen's 5th grade diaries, page six.
Tues. 20may2008: Karen's 5th grade diaries, page five.
Fri. 16may2008: Karen's 5th grade diaries, page four.
Tues. 13may2008: History Comics #4: John Wilkes Booth.
Mon. 12may2008: Fan art for Shanks.
Mon. 05may2008: Page 05, the final page of the music-related story I'm doing for the next Trees & Hills anthology.
Thurs. 01may2008: Page 04 of the music-related story I'm doing for the next Trees & Hills anthology.
Fri. 25apr2008: Page 03 of the music-related story I'm doing for the next Trees & Hills anthology.
Thurs. 24apr2008: Page 02 of the music-related story I'm doing for the next Trees & Hills anthology.
Wed. 23apr2008: Page 01 of the music-related story I'm doing for the next Trees & Hills anthology.
Tues. 22apr2008: Commando in two panels.
Mon. 21apr2008: Poltergeist in two panels.
Fri. 18apr2008: The veteran.
Wed. 09apr2008: Chemical Comics 002.
Tues. 08apr2008: Things Not To Blow Your Nose On.
Mon. 07apr2008: Happy Birthday Mom! This is Chemical Comics episode 001.
Fri. 14mar2008: Caveman vs. Robot.
Wed. 12mar2008: Karen's 5th grade diaries, page three.
Fri. 22feb2008: Billiards.
Fri. 15feb2008: Karen's 5th grade diaries, page two.
Tues. 05feb2008: Karen's 5th grade diaries, page one.
Fri. 01feb2008: Hourly Comics Day 2008. (NSFW)
Tues. 22jan2008: True story from this past weekend.
Thurs. 17jan2008: How We Met #05, page 02.
Mon. 14jan2008: How We Met #05 (Crystal), page 01.
Wed. 09jan2008: Overheard at the local Thai place.
Fri. 28dec2007: Hankin's Hamlet #002.
Tues. 11dec2007: Pictures from a bar.
Fri. 30nov2007: Some stuff.
Thurs. 29nov2007: Hankin's Hamlet #001.
Mon. 26nov2007: Random stuff.
Fri. 23nov2007: Dog comic.
Tues. 20nov2007: Lil' Blade Runner 02.
Mon. 19nov2007: Lil' Blade Runner.
Mon. 12nov2007: Bunnies.
Tues. 06nov2007: Horses, cars, and bicycles.
Thurs. 01nov2007: Star Wars stuff.
Wed. 17oct2007: Finished War Hare page 04. (see March of '06 for the last page).
Tues. 25sept2007: Final two panels of page three in the space piece written by Dan & Keith.
Fri. 21sept2007: Finished page two in the space piece written by Dan & Keith.
Tues. 18sept2007: Finished page one of an anthology submission written by Dan Barlow & Keith Moriarty.
Mon. 27aug2007: Batman strip. A special shout-out to my parents for never telling me how much shame I bring them.
Tues. 21aug2007: Cow & Farmer.
Wed. 15aug2007: PB haiku.
Thurs. 02aug2007: Useless Squad returns.
Mon. 09july2007: Since Sunday was my friend Matt's birthday, I present another episode of L'il Hopeless in his honor. Thanks for the plot suggestion, man!
Wed. 04july2007: L'il Hopeless! Mwuhahaha, I shouldn't laugh at this tot's plight but it cracks me up!
Tues. 22may2007: WPJ saves the day.
Tues. 15may2007: Useless Squad returns!
Mon. 14may2007: I like moustaches.
Thurs. 10may2007: Rockstaurant.
Wed. 02may2007: Punks In Love #02.
Thurs. 19apr2007: The Prophecy.
Tues. 17apr2007: This comic brought to you by sunshine and puppies!
Thurs. 12apr2007: This is a comic I did as a submission for an upcoming anthology. Basically, we had to pick out a "Missed Connections" ad from craigslist and illustrate it. (Adults only material)
Fri. 06apr2007: Today we have a couple one-panel strips for you. Easter and punk rock, the perfect combo.
Mon. 02apr2007: The mullet.
Mon. 26mar2007: Iraq.
Thurs. 15mar2007: Life on another planet.
Wed. 14mar2007: At last! Farewell Firewater 13, the final page, is finished.
Mon. 05mar2007: Page 384 of Dr. Tobias & the Steampunk Chronicles.
Thurs. 01mar2007: My day today and stuff. Again.
Fri. 23feb2007: My friend Meagan had the nerve to call this "weird," can you imagine? Fish tits, what's weird about that?
Tues. 20feb2007: Page three of How We Met #04.
Mon. 19feb2007: Page two of How We Met #04 finished!
Thurs. 15feb2007: Page one of How We Met #04 finished!
Fri. 09feb2007: Farewell Firewater part 12 finished. Also, a creepy old sketch I found.
Fri. 02feb2007: The second half of Hourly Comic Day is complete.
Thurs. 01feb2007: The first page of Hourly Comic Day!
Tues. 30jan2007: Farewell Firewater part 11 finished.
Wed. 24jan2007: Farewell Firewater part 10 finished.
Thurs. 18jan2007: Today's comic is a jam 'twixt myself and the ever-imaginative Jam Torkberg. he did panels 1, 3, & 5.
Tues. 16jan2007: Farewell Firewater part 9 finished.
Fri. 12jan2007: Farewell Firewater part 8 finished.
Mon. 25dec2006: Santa's tat.
Fri. 22dec2006: Farewell Firewater pt. 07.
Wed. 20dec2006: A new page from my latest opus, Vellum Pagebreak & the Crescent Conspiracy.
Thurs. 14dec2006: Failed milkshake flavors.
Wed. 13dec2006: Farewell Firewater pt. 06.
Tues. 12dec2006: Farewell Firewater pt. 05.
Fri. 08dec2006: Farewell Firewater pt. 04.
Thurs. 07dec2006: Farewell Firewater pt. 03.
Tues. 05dec2006: Farewell Firewater pt. 02.
Mon. 04dec2006: Farewell Firewater, the five-day saga, begins. I'm open to rights options, Hollywood. Call me.
Thurs. 30nov2006: Damned little dude.
Wed. 29nov2006: Bible stories.
Thurs. 23nov2006: Happy Thanksgiving, USA people. I'm thankful for my family.
Thurs. 16nov2006: I've loved Japanese comics and cartoons since the mid-1980s. I had hoped to continue with my week of slapdash, horrible comics, but then my friend Milo sent an email to remind me that he's out there reading them. I also suddenly recalled that Matt Goltz requested more Sandwichbot 5000, possibly in the manga style. Next thing I knew, the page was finished. Thanks for the inspiration, guys.
Fri. 10nov2006: What I Did Today.
Thurs. 09nov2006: Frank Miller's Sandwichbot 5000. I hadn't actually intended to revisit this character again, but my friend suggested this idea and whatever Matt wants, Matt gets.
Wed. 08nov2006: Skating with the alien. Again, fun to draw but really no point to it.
Tues. 07nov2006: The Legend of the Vampanzee. This one wasn't really a "hit" with anyone, but I like how the drawings turned out.
Mon. 06nov2006: The unicorn. A comic so stupid I had to keep it around.
Tues. 31oct2006: Halloween Spectacular 2006.
Thurs. 26oct2006: The Award Ceremony. Postscript: Holy crap, I feel I must inform you that apparently there is a book called Whales On Stilts! All I can guess is that maybe we got the book at work and it stuck in my subconscious, because I honestly thought I'd made it up. Wow. Weird.
Tues. 24oct2006: What I did today (with Batgirl pic).
Tues. 17oct2006: Swiss mission.
Mon. 09oct2006: Cat jobs.
Fri. 06oct2006: Song.
Mon. 02oct2006: Two guys.
Fri. 29sept2006: A guilty pleasure.
Tues. 19sept2006: Today's comic is a tribute to Anthony Clark, creator of the character Beartato. His comics simply amaze me!
Wed. 13sept2006: Thanks again to Tom McHenry, the creator of MurderCross.
Mon. 11sept2006: WWWA. What's next a political cartoon?!
Wed. 06sept2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles conclude.
Tues. 05sept2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles continue.
Mon. 04sept2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles continue.
Fri. 01sept2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles continue.
Thurs. 31aug2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles continue.
Wed. 30aug2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles continue.
Tues. 29aug2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles continue.
Mon. 28aug2006: The Sandwichbot 5000 Chronicles continue.
Fri. 27ug2006: Dunno why but I'm enjoying these characters.
Thurs. 24aug2006: I drew a good luck pic for Ms. Stacey who's just gone back for her last year of law school. These are her cats, Callie (Calico) and Emmett. They rule! Plus: Bonus pixelated version!
Wed. 23aug2006: A sequel of sorts to yesterday's strip.
Tues. 22aug2006: My fellow Daily Grinder Jamie Dee Galey decreed this to be Robot Day, so I had to do it!
Thurs. 17aug2006: Frederik page two.
Tues. 15aug2006: Frederik part the First. I don't really know how far this will go, it's just the inkling of an idea at the moment.
Fri. 11aug2006:Astronaut cocoa.
Mon. 31jul2006: I just keep coming back to Useless Squad for some reason. Also, finished shading pg.10 of $ell Outs.
Mon. 24jul2006: Six Pumpkins.
Thurs. 20jul2006: This one's a tribute to two of my favorite artists, Sach & JBIII. One day I noticed they had similar hats and beards, and the idea was born. Thanks for the great comics, fellas!
Thurs. 13jul2006: How We Met #03, page two!
Mon. 10jul2006: This is one that I talked about awhile back with Lonnie Allen. Now that he's dropped from the Daily Grind, I guess you could call this a tribute of sorts. He's a great comic artist and I hope he continues to share the fruits of his labors with us all.
Wed. 05jul2006: How We Met #03, page one.
Mon. 26jun2006: My fellow Daily Grinder Ive Sorocuk has decreed that Monday was "Not Safe For Work Day" so today's strip is adult-themed or whatever. It's basically a look at the lesser known heroes from my old "Useless Squad" team back in Dec. 2005.
Wed. 21jun2006: "How We Met" #2!
Thurs. 15jun2006: "How We Met" #1, featuring my online friends Tom & Sara, as told by them. I'm thinking of making this an ongoing project. Anyone else care to share theirs (current or previous relationship stories)? Drop me a line at escapevelocity (at)
Mon. 12jun2006: Lovebot's Lament.
Fri. 09jun2006: Cat Cops.
Mon. 05jun2006: Wonder Woman's Summer Vacation. Where the hell is my new Wonder Woman movie, Hollywood??
Thurs. 01jun2006: Stately Wayne Manor.
Tues. 23may2006: The Jim Da Visinci Code. Don't read it if you haven't seen the Da Vinci Code movie or read the book, because this comic contains spoilers.
Wed. 17may2006: Gretchen page 03 finished!
Wed. 03may2006: Page one of Bruce Lee, 1980s Axl Rose, & Betsy Ross finished!
Fri. 28apr2006: Since the end of the world.
Thurs. 27apr2006: Girl talk about restaurants.
Tues. 11apr2006: Candyman's hair is a peanut butter cup.
Thurs. 06apr2006: Josh Hartnett PSA.
Thurs. 06apr2006: Here's my contribution to the Alliteration Jam comic we're doing at the Crown Commission/Daily Grind message boards. Check the link for story context.
Sat. 01apr2006: April Fool! This awesome piece of work is by my bud Eric Poole.
Fri. 24mar2006: Misheard Epithets.
Wed. 22mar2006: War Hare technical data file 01: his tank!
Tues. 21mar2006: War Hare pg. 3!
Thurs. 16mar2006: My cat.
Tues. 14mar2006: DC Comics' character The Spectre has always been a favorite but I never felt like the green cape quite suited him. Here's a slightly different look for the character, incorporating a red cape to clumsily symbolize the blood on his hands, and no more hood. Just something fun to do!
Mon. 13mar2006: Since I work on Sundays I usually miss the weekly deadline for Stripfight, but this week's theme of condensing great books was too tempting to pass up.
Thurs. 09mar2006: Based on an aggravating TV commercial.
Wed. 01mar2006: Page two of the Gretchen storyline.
Tues. 28feb2006: I could swear I stole this gag from somewhere but it's late and I'm too tired to remember where I got it. G'night!
Tues. 28feb2006: Wow, can you believe it's been one year already? Here's to everyone involved in the Daily Grind and everyone who reads our comics. It's been a blast, thanks!
Thurs. 23feb2006: This is going to be my Thurs./Fri. output. It's Gretchen page one!
Tues. 07feb2006: Just want to make it clear, this one isn't a religious slam. I was raised Christian and I still dig God. Dunno how religious I am at this point but I think he/she/it is a cool cat, no doubt.
Thurs. 02feb2006: Zog Loves Zogella.
Wed. 01feb2006: Hourly Comics Day! Many thanks to artist John Campbell for creating such a cool idea.
Tues. 31jan2006: Giraffe and monkey.
Mon. 30jan2006: It's a big one. All about a man's place in the universe?
Fri. 20jan2006: A small historical notation about the 1700s.
Wed. 18jan2006: This is a picture of Ive Sorocuk's character Warwolf...'cuz he rules! See other people's versions of Warwolf here.
Fri. 06jan2006: Rock 'n' roll doctor.
Thurs. 05jan2006: The third episode of "Cthulhu Jr." (see July 18th for the last one). Continuing the Calvin and Hobbes tribute.
Wed. 04jan2006: I'm heading out of town so I didn't have too long to do today's comic (5 minutes to be precise). So I hope you'll enjoy this hasty episode of Wee Young'uns!
Fri. 30dec2005: Artist John Campbell has started a cool new idea, drawing an hour-by-hour account of his day, right down to the boring (?) details. He's asked folks to join in if they want, so I did! It doesn't count some of these evening hours, but you get the idea. Happy New Year everyone!
Tues. 27dec2005: Useless Squad page three. The Final Chapter!
Fri. 23dec2005: Useless Squad page two!
Wed. 21dec2005: Useless Squad. Maybe part one of something, maybe the last we'll see of them? Hmm...
Mon. 19dec2005: The incredibly talented Sean Esty has requested that people draw themselves as giant monsters, and so I did.
Wed. 30nov2005: Animals love him.
Fri. 21oct2005: Here's a random panel from page 637 of my unpublished magnum opus, "Thaddeus Fop and Reginald Dandy's Journey To the Center of Twickenham."
Sat. 05nov2005: Daily grinder Jeff Bent started an exchange program for Grinders to trade original artwork with each other. He asked me for "something Lovecraftian". Last week I sent this to him.
Mon. 24oct2005: Here's my contribution to the new Horror/Halloween jam comic we're doing at the Crown Commission/Daily Grind message boards. Check the link for story context.
Fri. 21oct2005: For Fok! (Actually his birthday is on 10/28 but I already have comics plans for next week) Happy birthday, have some frozen yogurt with gummi bears, bud!
Wed. 19oct2005: For Lana. RIP, Big Fuzz.
Mon. 17oct2005: My comic for Monday is also my entry for round 65 of Stripfight, a weekly themed competition for comic artists. This week's theme is "Mike Stevens," a guy who has somehow managed to have an entry in EVERY Stripfight so far. Way to go Mike! This one's for you. (secret easter egg trivia for those who don't know the Mike: That's him in the last panel.)
Fri. 14oct2005: Bruce Lee, 1980s Axl Rose, & Betsy Ross work on their car.
Wed. 12oct2005: War Hare page two.
Thurs. 06oct2005: War Hare page one.
Fri. 30sept2005: The final day of the MurderCross movie trailer. Thanks for reading! (PS - A big thank you goes out Matt Goltz, who gave me the PCP/"eat my dust" thing in page two. As always, you rock Matty!)
Wed. 28sept2005: Day two of the MurderCross movie trailer.
Tues. 27sept2005: Fellow Daily Grinder Tom McHenry recently did a hilarious comic called MurderCross about a fictional action movie involving dirtbikes and international intrigue. It was easily my favorite strip of the week, and now McHank has put out the call for other Grinders to give their take on the idea. I sat down and scripted my dream trailer for the film and discovered that I just couldn't draw the whole thing in one day. So today is merely part one of MurderCross Madness! See you at the movies.
Mon. 26sept2005: Tales of Nazi Paramecium.
Fri. 23sept2005: Hide and seek with papa.
Thurs. 22sept2005: They're back! (See July 29th for the first one)
Wed. 21sept2005: Careful what you drink.
Thurs. 08sept2005: Day Four of "Draw a Comic About and/or In the Style of Another Grinder" Week! This comic is a tribute to Tom McHenry, a swell guy who created this duo Cat & Dog. I've chosen to do my tribute as a reworking of artist Evan Dorkin's (in)famous strip "Merv Griffin". Look for cameos by other Daily Grind faves Joseph "Uncle" Bergin, Ive Sorocuk, Natasha Allegri, and David Wright's "Todd & Penguin" characters!
Tues. 06sept2005: Here's my contribution to the current Fly vs. Man jam comic we're doing at the Crown Commission/Daily Grind message boards.
Tues. 06sept2005: Day Two of "Draw a Comic About and/or In the Style of Another Grinder" Week! Our second strip is for Robin Bougie, artist par excellence, publisher, raconteur, and all-around groovy guy. I guess the adult content in some of his stuff doesn't appeal to everyone, but it's been a huge inspiration for me since the Daily Grind began!
Tues. 30aug2005: The vengeful spectre. (This comic contains adult content. Viewer discretion advised.)
Mon. 29aug2005: Neverending Story pt. XXI.
Fri. 26aug2005: I love you David Bowie.
Thurs. 18aug2005: The Punk and the Monk 2: Monk's Revenge.
Wed. 17aug2005: The Punk and the Monk.
Tues. 16aug2005: I swear on my children's lives this is true.
Mon. 15aug2005: Here is my contribution to Jamie Dee Galey's project where a bunch of us helping to illustrate the Nails' 1981 single, "88 Lines About 44 Women". Note: some of the lyrics/drawings are adult-oriented.
Mon. 15aug2005: The first of my Monday panels. This is part of the current visigoth jam comic we've been doing at the Crown Commission/Daily Grind message boards.
Thurs. 11aug2005: In keeping with my tradition of always being a day late and a dollar short, here's my comic for yesterday's Daily Grind theme, "Hobo Day"! You can see other folks' entries on the Daily Grind message board.
Tues. 09aug2005: Tattoo strip.
Mon. 08aug2005: Hanging with Matt pt.2 (Skills To Pay the Bills). Warning: This comic contains foul language and objectionable content. Abandon hope ye who enter here, blah blah.
Fri. 05aug2005: Hanging with Matt.
Fri. 29july2005: Whew! That was a bit close, but I got the update done with two minutes to spare. Blame it on the chives.
Thurs. 28july2005: Drifting down Diligence River in a lemon.
Tues. 26july2005: With thanks & love to Damekko Doubutsu. Here's episode #01 of Foster's Forest.
Thurs. 21july2005: Turtle thing.
Tues. 19july2005: A quick question about terrorism.
Mon. 18july2005: Cthulhu Jr. returns.
Fri. 15july2005: Jerry Briggs, Black Belt Salaryman: episode three.
Thurs. 14july2005: Jerry Briggs, Black Belt Salaryman: episode two.
Wed. 13july2005: Jerry Briggs, Black Belt Salaryman.
Fri. 08july2005: As seen on TV!
Thurs. 07july2005: Here's the comic from today's "cowboy vs.robot" comics battle with my friend Remi Treuer.
Wed. 06july2005: I love giant bug movies.
Tues. 05july2005: What we do in life...
Mon. 04july2005: Giuseppe the Master of Inversion.
Fri. 01july2005: Whew! Another week down. It was a tough one because I'm going on vacation so I had to finish next week's strips too, and my conscience wouldn't allow me to just crap some strips out for my time off. I'll be uploading 'em in a sec...
Mon. 27june2005 (part two): Here's the second of my Monday panels, my version of a New Yorker comic I guess. I've had this comic in my head for ages, so it's nice to finally get it out.
Mon. 27june2005: The first of my Monday panels. This is part of the current dolphin jam comic we've been doing at the Crown Commission/Daily Grind message boards.
Fri. 24june2005: Frankenzombie.
Thurs. 23june2005: Mr. Flower and Mr. Bee.
Tues. 21june2005: Dead Zone riff.
Tues. 14june2005: Lost Schulz.
Fri. 10june2005: Great underachievers.
Mon. 06june2005: Kairo Kids.
Mon. 30may2005: Old fellers rule!
Fri. 27may2005: Sometimes I have so much Halloween spirit in me, it just can't wait for October 31st. This was one of those times.
Thurs. 26may2005: Now that's just wrong.
Sat.. 21may2005: Courtesy of my bestest friend Josh who writes, "In the amazing world of Etsu & the Earth King...Joe Matt is Patton.
Thurs. 19may2005: Return of the cowboys.
Wed. 18may2005: A tribute to my grandfather.
Tues. 17may2005: Cthulhu Jr.
Fri. 06may2005: The hairdresser.
Thurs. 05may2005: Jelly Wars.
Wed. 04may2005: Meet The Plushies!
Tues. 03may2005: Psychedelia, man.
Fri. 29apr2005: A problem with the Bat-Signal.
Mon. 25apr2005: In case you aren't familiar with 24 Hour Comics Day, it's this annual event where creators attempt to make a 24 page comic story in 24 straight hours. I did it last year and found it very enjoyable and very grueling. This year I opted out but spent a lot of time at the local venue for the event, and today's comic is a little peek at what went on in my hometown.
Tues. 19apr2005: A question of caricature.
Sun. 10Apr2005: Fan art for Phil McAndrew!
Thurs. 07Apr2005: Sharpie on cardboard boxes.
Tues. 05Apr2005: Today's comic was done on 10"x10" styrofoam packing panels with marker.
Sat. 02Apr2005: Just in case you missed it, here is my April Fool's strip drawn for Owen Kuhn's site. It mixes the classic Hal Foster Prince Valiant strip with Owen's current Knights of the Old Coding online comic.
Fri. 01Apr2005: April Fool! Many, many thanks are due to fellow Grinder Edward J Grug III for his take on my comic Etsu, I absolutely love it!
Mon. 21mar2005: Kicking off Autobiographical Comics week here at Chemical.
Mon. 07mar2005: My first, fledgling attempt to color with Photoshop although you'd never know it. Hope to learn more, this digital stuff is starting to interest me.
Mon. 28feb2005: Inspired by the photo on a Morricone album cover.

feel free to contact me:
escapevelocity at hotmail dot com
-Tim Hulsizer

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