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24 Hour Comic #1: Beelzebub Blues

A comic by Ignatz (C) 2004

On Friday, 23 April 2004, over 500 comic artists in over 50 venues across America participated in the first organized "24 Hour Comics" event. Though artist / writer Scott McCloud gave birth to the idea over a decade before, this was the first time it was attempted by so many people in so many places at the same time. Judging by the popularity of the event, it can only get bigger in ensuing years. By the end of the night I was mentally and physically drained. My drawing hand felt entirely numb and extremely painful by turns, and I'd consumed amounts of caffeine and sugar that would surely be described as "suicidal" on any coroner's report. But I finished! Just as the clock struck 9 PM, 24 hours after I'd begun, my pen rose from page number twenty-four. Is the comic good? Not really, but I still consider the evening a success. I pushed myself to the limit and met some really cool people whose comics made mine look like the sad little effort that it is. FYI, I attended the event at a really cool comics shop called Paperback Bazaar here in New Hampshire. If you're ever in their neighborhood, stop by and tell Ralph I said "monkey junk." Sorry, I guess you had to be there. ;)

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