GOOD. LORD.  This is embarrassing.

Can you believe the last time I updated my Calvin and Hobbes site was 2009 ???

Don't bother answering that, you'd only embarrass me further.

But here we are in 2016 with some huge news:  the site is back with a new look and renewed interest from yours truly.  I'm older, theoretically wiser, and I have a backlog of exciting content to share with everybody!  Please feel free to subscribe via RSS so you don't miss an update.

No time for chit-chat, let's do this, my friends!

Today's Update:

  • Um, you know, an entirely new look for the site, thanks to WordPress and a zillion hours of my life
  • Fixed the dates in the Political Cartoons section (under RARE ART)
  • Added a digital painting by Zatransis in the Fan Art section

Now if you'll excuse me, I have 7 years of email submissions to go through...