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Saturday, November 10, 2007

She's Coming Back

Sometime after the last blog entry Google took over Blogspot. Switching the account caused a glitch and it was impossible to upload to the ftp server for a long time. No one could figure out what the problem was but it eventually went away by itself. Computer issues seldom resolve themselves but the cyber gods must have finally felt satiated. I am glad it is resolved since I am the one who made the switch. Let's face it guys, screwing up anything on your wife's computer is as big a crime as spilling black ink on the new bedspread.

Foxy Mama also experienced serious computer performance issues earlier this year. Switching from McAfee to Norton resolved a lot of issues the worst of which was an incompatability with her Eudora email program. If you use Eudora you should avoid using McAfee. The problem is discussed on the McAfee website but the only fix would have meant switching to Outlook. So far there have been no issues with Norton.

The system performance improved after the switch but it required a significant increase of RAM to get acceptable performance. Somewhere along the line a new wireless mouse and a new ergonomic keyboard were added. So all the tools are in place and everything is working. The next step it to get Foxy Mama’s fingers dancing across the keyboard to talk about all the things that have happened these months she has been gone.


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