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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Moving blues...

We're in the midst of a l-o-n-g drawn-out move. For The Rock it's a back-breaking, gut wrenching ordeal. He says he'd like to blog about the whole thing when it's finally over and done with. If you're thinking about moving take this advice...DON'T! Stay put and be content. And if that doesn't deter you then think of this. Moving a 2-story house complete with full basement and attic, porch and garage, totally packed with the detritus of years of family accumulations, along with the apartment's worth of a "collecting" son who is temporarily waylaid on life's siderail, and trying to distill it down into a small apartment with a closing deadline glaring at you... Now that's something to think about. That's what is happening with us right now.

I didn't want to blog until I've written a long overdue letter to my dear beautiful daughter residing on the opposite side of this big country with the world's cutest kids but here I am throwing out a few crumbs to anyone who still checks in from time to time. She's first but this will be a place holder. She's growing used to this I'm afraid but actually it's a family curse which afflicts us all. Later folks...


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