24 May 2005

Here's the courtyard at night.

17 May 2005

"Yo dude, this burger looks excellent."
"Word, dawg. The fries look rather succulent as well."

15 May 2005

Hello, thanks for stopping by. This image shows you what the windows look like from the middle of the music room of the bookshop where I work. It's a good job for retail, surrounded by wood floors and fixtures, music and books of all types, and a terrific staff whom I'm proud to call friends. Well, most of them.

Here's the first photo from the window, looking out at the small courtyard below. The doors on the left open into a first floor hallway and more shops, while the umbrellas in the lower right provide shelter for outdoor diners at the microbrewery in our complex. The pavement isn't really a street, it's part of our parking lot and also connects two actual streets on either side of the complex. Beyond that in the top of the photo is a blues club and restaurant. At the moment the trees in the courtyard are blocking it with their leaves but in the fall I'll give you a better look at it.