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Monday, February 14, 2005

Thoughts from a guest blogging husband...

Dear wife Foxy has been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days and asked me to guest blog for her. Giving me access to her blog audience, especially when I am operating on a severe sleep deficit, shows a distinct lack of judgement, sort of like when she agreed to marry me.

Anyway, since I teach at a college part time I might as well talk about a college related matter. How about free speech and this Ward Churchill clown who equates 9/11 victims with Nazis like Adolph Eichmann? What’s that all about? I can see how this is going to play out on all the left leaning campuses. Students and faculty will rally and Ward Churchill will become a victim being oppressed by right wing extremists. Our freedom of speech is at stake.

Churchill has a perfect right to say mean and stupid things just like David Duke does. So what if he hates our capitalistic society; there are lots of socialists on campuses. What makes Churchill different, if you believe the latest news stories, is that apparently he is equally comfortable hanging out with the likes of Muammar Qadhafi, the infamous leader of Libya who besides supporting terrorism, apparently is considered by Churchill as a guy who can provide support. Furthermore, Churchill seems to be supportive of radical Islam’s striking accomplishment on 9/11. Now since Qadhafi is a right wing dictator, radical Islam is hardcore religious right, and Churchill is a type liberal, one is forced to conclude that Ward Churchill’s root ideology is nothing more than hating America…be it from the left, the right, or anywhere in between.

I hate the idea of having a nut like this influencing young impressionable minds but getting rid of him on account of his views is a lose/lose situation. Happily, I now see that Churchill’s scholarly writings are coming under attack by his peers because references he cites in his works appear to not existent. In plain speaking this means that rather than exhaustively researching a topic he merely makes up stuff. In academia nothing is worse than intellectual dishonesty. If Churchill is making up anti-American history to teach to students then he should be fired from his job and get a job at CBS News where honesty isn’t valued as much.


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